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Please be aware that we share our environment with undomesticated animals.  We have possums, tree rats, mice and even a fox.  Also, since the building of the new housing development on the west side of our property, a lot of critters have been displaced and are looking for a new home. 
These animals have the potential to carry fleas, ticks and even some diseases. 
Also, the lake is home to fish, geese, ducks and other birds.  The bacteria in the water from these animals make it unsafe for drinking or swimming.
If you notice any change in your pet(s) habits: eating, drinking, lethargy etc., you should take your pet in for a checkup with your veterinarian. 
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Nathaniel G.
Jorge S.
Cynthia S.
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Jessica V.

Our lake and canals are looking better than they have in years.  Please read the following and help us continue to improve the aesthetics of our greatest asset at The Lakes.
Help limit nutrient loading in the lake and canals  by properly disposing of dog droppings, sweeping up grass clippings and reducing fertilizer use on lawns and gardens. These factors are all sources of organic nutrients, which can fuel invasive aquatic plant growth after entering the lake and canals   through stormwater runoff.
Speed Limit
The speed limit at The Lakes is 15 MPH.  Traffic is being monitored on all streets due to reports of speeding.
Please slow down when driving around The Lakes. Also, please inform your guests and service personnel of the speed limit while they are working in The Lakes.  Notices will be sent out to homeowners when speeding or reckless driving is observed by service personnel, guests or residents associated with your address.  This is for everyone's safety.

Contact Phone Numbers
The Lakes Homeowners Assoc Office              559-625-1900
Tamarind Management Team                         559-761-0848


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